A meditative feature film that follows Nina Noon, an aspiring actress, after she agrees to lend her “local authenticity” to a supernatural reality TV show filming in the tiny town she left as a young child. She and the tiny documentary crew follow an enigmatic guide deep into a labyrinthine forest, where they seem to encounter an ancient, hypnotic force that locks the team under a subtle spell. 

(92 minutes)


Jonathan Demme presents a film by Charlie Griak.

"The Center" is an intense, boldly cinematic vision which focuses on a cult-like group and the vulnerable young man who becomes involved in their agenda.  (Trailer edited by Thom O'Connor)

(72 minutes)


It's 1887 in Dakota Territory. A husband and wife, isolated in this unsettled wilderness, struggle to keep their family together and their hopes alive as they fight bitter cold, disease, wild animals, and crushing loneliness on the Dakota frontier. But they're not just fighting for themselves - New life is on the way.

(44 minutes)